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Taal Volcano Trips / Treks / Tours

al Volcano, in the Philippines,  was originally  a huge volcano, that towered 18,000 feet up into the sky. It has been called the smallest active volcano, because it seems small now, but many people don't realize that it is one of the largest volcanoes in the world.  It is located about 70-km south of Manila on "volcano island" inside a lake called Taal Lake, or Lake Taal. 

This  picture of Taal volcano , was taken from Tagaytay ridge. Actually, Tagaytay Ridge is the rim of the volcano! When the volcano was 18,000 feet high, Tagaytay ridge would have been only about a sixth of the way to the top of the volcano!! In the distance, Mt. Makulot forms part of the other side of the rim, and it is a favorite trek for climbers.   

Taal Lake itself, has a sulfur content that is higher than normal, and it is good for swimming. I believe the low sulfur content is good for the skin, especially if you swim in it regularly. The fish are certainly healthy! (the tilapia is really inexpensive too! Its excellent, and it can be cooked for you, or you can cook it yourself on a grill at Taal Lake Yacht Club, but please tell us beforehand if you want this.) 

Description of Standard Package:
 Standard Package Trips from Talisay (where we are), including the climb to the
  crater rim, and back, take about 3 - 4 hours, so its common to 
time the hike to the volcano in the early morning,  to be back at Taal 
Lake Yacht Club for lunch.  Late afternoon trips are also popular. The latest you should leave TLYC, would be around 3PM.

It is the norm, to do the trail on horses which are led by their owners. See horse pricing, on the right hand column, for rates.

The municipality charges for landing on the island, on the pretense that they will make usable bathrooms one day. Charges are P50 per person, plus P20 for the boat you take to the island.

Kids on the banca to Taal Volcano

Our Bancas have cellphones, lifejackets, fire extinguishers, and we have extra boats for any eventuality. We pride ourselves on trying to be the safest service on the lake.  There are NO other boat services that have these safety backups. Not even one. 

Other trips/options:
Inside the main caldera,on volcano island, there is yet another lake,  called the  "Crater Lake."  The highly sulfuric lake may have medicinal properties. People do swim in it, Some have even SCUBA dived in it. We do special trips into the inner lake when alert levels are low.
Click on the "secret trail" link below, or on the sidebar at the right, to find out about that special trip. click HERE

We also have a trip that is a good alternative walking trail, that leads to the rim of the volcano, that we call the Christie Kenney trail, in honor of the US Ambassador, who was one of the first to use the trail, wih members of her family. This trail has more shade than the regular tourist trail, and we are trying to limit horse traffic, so it stays cleaner,  and has less Korean tourists on it. click HERE

Upon special request, especially when we have large corporate groups, or school groups, we can give  special lectures about the volcano, which shatter many common misconceptions that are taught in local schools.
volcano lecture

Overnight acommodation:
If you want room acommodation, we can arrange that.  Please call Sonia (contact numbers at right column) 
to set it up for you. 

If you prefer , you can camp at TLYC. We are set up for it.  TLYC is one of very few secure campgrounds with good facilities outside Manila.

1)You can bring your own, and eat it in your free hut. You can bring your drinks,or order from us.
Sometimes, we even have nice wines, but pls tell us so we can chill the white. 
2) We do serve food. We suggest you order early, because it can take awhile.
If you want to eat when you get to the club, you can look at the online menu HERE 
  . The prices may be a bit outdated, but it gives you an idea of what we serve.  
If you want to eat after you get back, just look at the updated menu when you get to the club, and order before you go to Volcano Island.
If you want to order something special, you can coordinate directly with Sonia(contact numbers at right column)   You will need to have a reservation if you prebook food.
Sonia's deep fried Tawilis is the best in the world. It is properly cleaned, unlike the traditional way of cooking tawilis, and as far as I know, we are the only ones that have it. Tawilis is  found ONLY in Taal Lake, and it is not always available. It is ONLY available in the market early n the morning, so You MUST coordinate with Sonia, and reserve this a day ahead. We do not usually freeze our Tawilis. Its FRESH.

This is the best part.
Our pricing before prepayment discount is only P2,800/boat (the Coast Guard dictates a 5 adult passenger maximum). plus a P20 municipal landing fee.
our price is a package which includes:

Item  Standard Rate
Boat trip (Tourist trail)  1500
Guide  350
Hut  450
Parking  100
Entry fees for 5  500
12% VAT  384
Total before discounts  P3284

So at P2800 instead of P3284 you are getting a good deal! We accept Credit cards, on site, at that price.
But it gets BETTER!
If you prepay with your credit card, or pay in cash on site, and you have told us by phone that you are coming, you get a P400 discount!Now you are down to P2400
If you can pay in advance, straight into our BPI account,  you get a further P500 discount, so it comes to only P1900!!
To pay in advance you need to email, call,or text us, so we can accept your deposit. 
contacted us advance payment Price
Credit Card  No  2800
Credit Card  Yes No  2400
Credit Card  Yes Yes  2200
Cash  No  2800
Cash  Yes  No  2400
Cash  Yes  Yes  1900


80% of people rent horses to do the volcano trek.  70% of those who walk, say they wish they had rented horses.  We dont have anything to do with the horse business, but we can save you money. We recommend  paying for the horses at the club.  It saves a you from being mobbed by shouting hawkers on the island, and it will cost you less if you pay at the club.  Reserving a horse before you go, costs P500/horse. If you get the horses on the island, they will be P700 or P750/horse (and more for the other trails).

To get this fantastic deal (available only on the internet), print this page and show it to the office at TLYC. The deals on this page do change, and you want to show them that you got this one.  This is your proof that there is no travel agent involved. 

The Philippines has one of the worst safety records in the world, with regard to maritime safety. Unbelievably, the general attitude is "ride at your own risk".  We don't think that way.
1) Unfortunately,there are afew days a year, in  the windy months of December, January, and February, that its just too dangerous for bancas to get to the landing spot. We dont run on those days. The other banca services do, even though they have no floatation in their bancas (we are the only ones that do), nor any dedicated back up rescue boat (we are the only ones that do). 
2) There are "guides" on the crater rim, who urge tourists to trek down to the crater lake with them for an "extra fee". Don't do it. Its dangerous, and it will cost you an arm and a leg in "extra chages" that you will find out only when you finish. Just take the "secret trail". It goes to the same place, its avoids the slippery and dangerous part of the trek. Other than that, its the same trail, and it costs a lot less. 

Other Facilities:
We pride ourselves on  clean bathrooms and hot showers.  
Hot showers in the Philippines? Whatever for?  
 If you come in December thru March, the wind is usually very strong,and its almost certain that you will get soaking wet.  
Its not so windy in July, August and September, but at some point during the day, the sky will probably open up, and  it will be like standing under a waterfall for 2 minutes. 
Most of your clothes will probably dry off pretty quick, but you will still appreciate the Taal Lake Yacht Club facilities after your trip.  
When it doesn't rain, it will be sunny, and you will definitely work up a sweat better than in any Gym. You'll want a shower, and a nice quiet hassle free place to sit down, relax, and have a cold drink.  

Oh, and did we forget to mention the Pool? Well its seasonal, or by special request.


Check out or sailing and kayak rentals too. Look for them on the nav bar on the left margin. 

We consider Taal Lake as an easy daytrip from Manila. The trip to TLYC from Manila is only about an hour and a half.  Click on "getting there"  on the left sidebar near the top.

Other Questions?  
Email me at sailphi@i-manila.com.ph  
or contact:  
Taal Lake Yacht Club  
Talisay, Batangas, Philippines  
Tel# 63-43-773-0192  
In the Philippines, dial 043-773-0192  

as of January 2012
For payment mode details, please refer 
to 'Pricing' in the center column.  

Regular Tourist Trail
Per Boat: P 2,800.00
Bank Prepayment discount: less P900
Guide fee: Free
Tourism: P 50.00 /pax
Landing Fee: P 20.00 / boat
Horse (optional): P 500.00 / pax

Secret Trail / Kalawit Trail
Boat: P 3,800.00
Bank Prepayment discount: less P900
Guide fee: P350
Tourism: P 50.00 /pax
Landing Fee: P 50.00 / boat
Resort Fee: P 50.00 / pax
Horse (recommended): P 750.00 / pax

Ambassador Kenney Trail
Boat: P 2,800.00
Bank Prepayment discount: less P900
Tourism: P 50.00 /pax
Landing Fee: P 50.00 / boat
Resort Fee: P 50.00 / pax
Guide: P 350.00 / boat
Horse (discouraged): P 500.00 / pax

Rent banca for sightseeing
Boat: P2500 for first hour
Prepayment discount: less P500
P: 600 for each additional half hour

Contact Person/s
Jun Delgado - 0918-9251509
Sonia Lucero - 0928-6788849
TLYC Landline - 043-7730192
Website - www.tlyc.com
Email - peter@tlyc.com

Philippine Coast Guard dictates that Bancas on Taal Lake can only take 5 paying passengers, regardless of size. We follow that , so as not to invalidate our insurance. Most other carriers don't have valid insurance.

Available by paying directly nto our BPI account. Details are available by emailing:
or by calling him at 8113183, or 8113283 orSonia at 0437730192 or 09286788849


Our price also includes: 
1)free entry fees for up to 5 people 
(up to  P500 value!) 

2) a free hut for 2 hrs, AFTER your return from the volcano on weekends or holidays. OR for 5 hours on weekdays! 
(up to P400 value!)  

3) Free Parking

to get this fantastic deal, print this page and show it to the office at TLYC. The deals on this page do change, and you want to show them that you got this one.  

Pls. read the full text at left for more info.

 HERE for the secret trail.
What the local media says about us:

read what other people have said (we have no control over these comments) at
click the city.com
"click the city" is owned by the Philippine Daily Inquirer group, one of the countrys largest, and most respected news and public affairs sources.

This is Junghyun Shim, Los Banos, Laguna. I am working in International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).

I have been Taal volcano several times but I am tired to guide my visitors and also difficult to negotiate with boatman and horseman (mabu). Whenever I go there, they ask me to pay P 6T or 4T but as you know the regular price is P 1500 for boat and 500 for horse.
I found good tour guide, yours, from internet.

Thanks a lot


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July 2011